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  • The Day of the Glorious Revolution

    This book - a sequel to Frog Fables and Beaver Tales - tells the story of a special group of animals, called Communicators, who inhabit the Swamp of the Beavers and the Frogs.
    $20.00, hardcover
  • The Politics of the Canadian Public School

    The Politics of the Canadian Public School offers radical critiques of the nation's education system published at a time of great change and upheaval.
    $14.95, paperback
  • The Tiny Perfect Mayor

    When David Crombie won his surprise victory in the 1972 mayoralty race in Toronto, everyone thought it was a victory for citizen activism and for a saner approach to urban development. Was it?
    $14.95, paperback
  • The Tiny Perfect Mayor

    When David Crombie won his surprise victory in the 1972 mayoralty race in Toronto, everyone thought it was a victory for citizen activism and for a saner approach to urban development. Was it?
    $45.00, hardcover
  • Anatomy of Big Business

    First published in 1962, Anatomy of Big Business was long an influential portrait of power and control in the Canadian corporate economy.
    $14.95, paperback
  • Frog Fables & Beaver Tales

    Earnest and industrious Beavers, funloving but discontented Frogs, a Lobster named Lugubrious J. Standfast and a wonderful Frog leader are some of the characters in this mythical tale about a Swamp named Canada.
    $25.00, hardcover
  • Grass Roots

    This book is an account of four modern prairie towns, of farming in Western Canada, and also describes how the West was settled and how its small towns are being depopulated by the same external economic forces controlled from Eastern Canada.
    $19.95, paperback
  • The CPR

    This is the amazing story of the most Canadian corporation of them all - the CPR. Born in 1880 with a silver spoon in its mouth - in the form of millions of acres of land, $25 million in cash and some existing railroad track thrown in - the CPR has carri
    $19.95, paperback
  • A Citizen's Guide to City Politics

    First published in 1972, A Citizen's Guide to City Politics is a pioneering examination of Canadian urban development and city politics.
    $19.95, paperback
  • A History of Canadian Wealth

    A landmark revisionist history of Canada, A History of Canadian Wealth remains as lively and startling as it was when first published in 1914.

    $14.95, paperback
  • Corporate Canada

    Drawn largely from the pages of the legendary Last Post magazine, Corporate Canada offers a fascinating snapshot of the Canadian economy in the early 1970s.
    $3.75, paperback
  • Quebec: A Chronicle

    Compiled by reporters for the legendary Last Post, this book presents a vital, on-the-spot account of the emergence of militant nationalist and labour movements in Quebec in the late 60s and early 70s.
    $7.95, paperback
  • Read Canadian

    Soon after its publication in 1972, Read Canadian was acclaimed as a seminal guide to books by and about Canadians. It remains a landmark guide to the headwaters of Canadian society, its history and literature.

    $8.95, paperback
  • Up Against City Hall

    First published in 1972, Up Against City Hall is a inside look at a period of remarkable change in Canadian municipal politics penned by one of the nation's most effective reformers.
    $14.95, paperback
  • Forced Growth

    Here is the amazing inside story of how unknown European promoters got $92 million from Manitoba governments to build a pulp and paper complex which was then called into receivership by the government and was the subject of a judicial enquiry.
    $14.95, paperback
  • Working People

    This book is a portrait of the people and events of a working-class Toronto neighbourhood under pressure from developers and middle-class renovators.
    $14.95, paperback
  • The Real World of City Politics

    The accounts given here, originally published in 1970, offer a lively portrait of development in Canada's largest city at a crucial period in its history.

    $14.95, paperback
  • Who Pays?

    This book looks at the way post-secondary education in Ontario is financed.At the opening of the 1970s, Canadian universities were riding the crest of an unprecedented wave of expansion. Charles Hanly took a critical look at how that expansion was funded--and in whose interest.

    $10.00, hardcover
  • Cold War Over Canada

    A story of the Cold War over Canada told by RCAF flier Scott Maclagan. This memoir adds a fascinating chapter to Canada’s military history.

    $29.95, paperback
  • Indigenous Canada: Looking Forward/Looking Back

    A primer on Indigenous culture, history and contemporary social issues in Canada, used as the print course materials from the incredibly popular massive open online course offered by the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta.

    $27.95, paperback
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