DAVID LEE was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, and educated at Carleton and Queen’s universities. He has worked as an historian with Parks Canada, and has published numerous articles on Canadian history, as well as the book The Robins in Gaspé, 1766 to 1825.

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  • Great Forests and Mighty Men

    A colourful and fascinating story of the men who worked in eastern Canada's early forest industry with many colour and black and white illustrations and photographs from leading historic sites in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, this book is a very human history of almost legendary figures.
    $24.95, paperback
  • Lumber Kings and Shantymen

    David Lee presents an in-depth history of the Ottawa Valley and the economy that dominated its formative years, as well as examining the environmental impact on the region's natural resources.
    $27.95, paperback
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