Consent Deal With It

Deal with it before boundaries get crossed

by Keisha Evans and N.B. Gonsalvez

illustrated by Jenny Chan

A timely new resource to help kids understand and resolve conflicts stemming from issues of consent

"A valuable addition to collections for young adolescents." — School Library Journal
Honourable Mention - OLA Best Bets

Consent isn't just about sex. From an early age, kids are taught to respect personal space. They learn to express themselves about how they feel. As much as they need to be taught that kissing, hugging and touching are sometimes appropriate and sometimes not, it is important that they consider that consent is needed for commonplace interactions like borrowing things, sharing possessions, or giving away someone's secrets. And that consent cannot be assumed, even if it has been given at a different time.

This illustrated book offers information, quizzes, comics and real-life situations to help kids think critically about what consent is, and what it looks like and sounds like when it is given or not given. Considered from the viewpoints of those who are in a position to give consent, those who are in a position to be given consent, and witnesses to conflict around consent, this issue is identified, examined and put into a context that kids can understand and use to navigate issues of personal rights and emotional safety.

About the Authors

Jenny Chan
Jenny Chan

KEISHA EVANS has been supporting and advocating for children, youth and their families for more than twenty years. She is a child youth counsellor and works to teach children about body safety and respecting boundaries. Keisha lives in Oshawa, Ontario.

N.B. GONSALVEZ is the author of My Parts Are My Parts, Your Parts Are Your Parts, a picture book about consent. She lives with her family in Whitby, Ontario.

JENNY CHAN is an illustrator, designer and developer working with The Public Studio. The Public Studio is a community centred social justice design studio that works alongside non profits, grassroots organizations and people trying to change the world for the better. Jenny lives in Toronto, Ontario.


"A valuable addition to collections for young adolescents."
Kelly Jahng, School Library Journal


Honourable Mention - OLA Best Bets

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