Gang Girl

by Nancy Miller

As a newcomer from Russia, 16-year-old Sasha thinks she has found a new start in a girls' volunteerism group. But she quickly learns the group is really a front for a girl gang and has to find a way out.

When Sasha moves from Russia with her mother, she's eager to start a new life. At her new school she joins CREW (Confident, Remarkable, Excellent, Welcoming), a girls' volunteer group. But she quickly learns that the group is a front for a girl gang and their true philosophy is to Con, Rip Off, Exploit, and Weaken the people they claim to help. Their leader is eager to exploit Sasha's computer skills for a more lucrative level of crime: stealing identities and blackmailing men online.

This story plays out against the backdrop of peer pressure and digital media, showing readers that fitting in with a group isn't worth sacrificing your safety and integrity.

About the Author

NANCY MILLER has been writing stories for children and young adults for 10 years. She conducts in-school courses, focus groups and other research with teens on social issues such as sexuality, substance abuse and newcomer integration. She teaches English as a Second Language and literacy in Toronto.


"The story is captivating, moving, full of suspense and twists and turns."
Anthony Cherrier, NetGalley
"Gang Girl could certainly have a place in a classroom library ... The language is clear and simple for an emerging or struggling reader while the content is suitable for a more mature audience."
Allison Giggey, teacher-librarian, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"In addition to the diverse protagonists, many secondary characters also bring diversity to the series."
Kirkus Reviews

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