Hacking Heartbreak

by Kevin heronJones

After hacking the social media accounts of his crush, Baron is in a race against the clock to fix the mess he made and save her from serious consequences.

Baron is a Toronto teen with a huge talent for computers – who occasionally indulges in hacking. When the girl of his dreams starts showing an interest in him, Baron falls fast and hard. Keyanna sees their dates as more casual than the love-struck Baron feels, but everything seems to be going well. After he finds out she went on a date with someone else, Baron feels betrayed, and against his better nature hacks into her school and social media accounts to get her in trouble.

When the serious nature of what he’s done becomes apparent, he realizes regret will never be enough. With Keyana about to be suspended thanks to his hack, Baron races against the clock to fix his mess and prove he can be a better person.

Kevin heronJones’s latest is another realistic, authentic depiction of the life of a Black youth in Canada. Set in Scarborough, Hacking Heartbreak is a story about the intensity of first love and learning to live with the consequences of your action

About the Author

Kevin heronJones

KEVIN HERONJONES is the author of Not Talking About You. He is a youth basketball coach, author, journalist, actor, lecturer and award-winning performance poet. He has numerous spoken word recordings and his poetry book titles include Vision, I AM a Child of the SUN and Telephone Love. He lives in Milton, Ontario.

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