Line Drive to Love

by Angel Jendrick

Caught between earning her spot on the team and the girl she might love, Rory is forced to choose: the game or the girl.

Rory is a talented and dedicated softball player. The only distraction in her life is her father’s decline due to ALS, but he remains her biggest supporter. But softball plans get a lot more interesting when main-lander Shanti comes to stay with her grandparents for the summer – and the two fall into a fast romance.

Between her pitching aspirations, her father’s health, and trying to date Shanti, Rory’s focus may be spread too thin. With pressure building on all fronts, will she choose the game or the girl? With support from Shanti and her softball team, Rory learns that sometimes you have to make tough decisions about what you care about most.

Angel Jendrick is the author of Secret Me (Lorimer, 2023) and an expert at creating vivid, passionate romances. Line Drive to Love is a heartfelt love story that is perfect for those navigating competitive sports and their queer identity.

About the Author

Angel Jendrick

ANGEL JENDRICK is the author of gritty contemporary romances, and most recently Secret Me (Lorimer 20223). She also dabbles in poetry, from time to time. When not writing or editing (or thinking about writing or editing), she watches movies, jams to her favourite tunes, runs after her kids, or works on her latest home reno or DIY project. With her wife, their three children, Ellie their energetic Lab, and a blind cat named Taz, Angel lives on Prince Edward Island.

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