Long Bomb

by Eric Howling

Ed doesn't look like a football star. But can he play like one?

"... the in-depth game play will attract sports fans." — School Library Journal

Ed Warnicki used to play football in the park with his dad and dream of being a great receiver. Now, at fourteen, Ed secretly wishes he could play for his Calgary High Mustangs team. But he worries that he's too tall, too skinny and too insecure — the exact opposite of star quarterback Tyrone Jackson. Wanting to contribute to the school's football team in some way, Ed accepts the job of waterboy. Tyrone teases Ed about his build, his old bike and his obvious crush on Tyrone's girlfriend and school sports reporter Zara, and one day at practice throws a ball right at Ed's head. Ed's instincts kick in and he makes a decent catch! So when the team's top receiver gets injured, Ed joins the team as back-up receiver. Getting annoyed that Zara seems to prefer Ed's company to his own, Tyrone won't pass to Ed, and even calls a play he knows could get Ed hurt. But the big game against their rival team puts school pride and Ed's confidence on the line. Will Tyrone throw to Ed? Can Ed catch a crucial pass and make his dreams of being a football hero come true?

About the Author

Eric Howling

ERIC HOWLING is the author of ten books including Head Hunter, Red Zone Rivals, Hoop Magic, and Run and Gun in the Lorimer Sports Stories series. His books have been shortlisted for the Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award, named Resource Link's Year's Best and picked as CCBC Best Books selections. Eric lives and plays sports in Calgary, Alberta.


"... the in-depth game play will attract sports fans."
School Library Journal

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