Pure Fake

by Beverly Scudamore

Image-conscious Gina ignores the warning signs about her new crush -- until he goes one step too far

Gina is the kind of girl who works hard to keep up her appearance -- not just her hair and makeup, but going so far as breast-enhancement surgery and regular diet pills. When tall, athletic, good-looking Colter wants to be her boyfriend, Gina jumps at the chance. She thinks they'll be the perfect couple and ignores the warning signs that things aren't right with him. That includes rumours that his past girlfriend has a restraining order against him. But when Colter's actions put Gina in physical danger she is finally forced to wake up to what Colter is really like.

About the Author

Beverly Scudamore
BEVERLY SCUDAMORE is the author of several books for young readers. Her most recent novel is the SideStreets book, Love Hurts. Beverly lives in Sarnia, Ontario.


"The book has good tension and momentum. The story fairly zips along." Rated G: good, even great at times!
Anne Letain, Resource Links
"This book reads like a teen soap opera, but the flawed heroine does learn a life lesson in the end... Fast-paced and gritty, and at a reachable vocabulary level, Pure Fake would be of interest to teen girls who struggle with reading." Recommended
Mary Harelkin Bishop, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"From self-image and prescription drug abuse to dating violence, Scudamore packs her story with big issues, at times pushing into melodrama, but giving readers plenty to think about, too."
Publishers Weekly

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