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by Joyce Grant

Fearing for his father in violent El Salvador, a young baseball player finds help from his community.

Miguel hasn't missed El Salvador since arriving in North America with his mother and sister. But with his father still in El Salvador and gangs shaking down the old neighbourhood, life isn't easy for Miguel.

When his father's situation becomes critical, Miguel becomes desperate to bring him to North America. But he can't even afford to join his baseball team on a road game — how can his family possibly pay his father's way? A solution comes from Miguel's teammate, who proposes a big baseball fundraiser. As the team learns about the hard realities some new immigrant kids face, Miguel and his family learn to trust their neighbours and teammates.

About the Author

Joyce Grant
JOYCE GRANT is a freelance journalist and the author of numerous books for children, including the Sports Stories novel Tagged Out. She is also the co-founder of, which provides free, kid-friendly news. She lives in Toronto.


"When they finally learn that his father is able to come to Canada, they have to find the money for his flight. Miguel opens up to his teammates, and they come up with a plan: a community fundraiser and exhibition ball game, where each of the Blues can offer his or her resources to make it a success. Miguel and his teammates have learned what is possible through teamwork."
Patricia Jermey, Resource Links


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