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Deal with It is a conflict resolution series based around topical, relevant issues that kids deal with every day.

Upcoming and new in the series

  • Ableism: Deal With It

    Ableism: Deal With It

    Deal With It: Ableism offers self quizzes, real life scenarios, myths and Q&As which identify ableism and ableist behaviour and provides strategies to deal with it.

    $24.95, Hardcover
    Interest ages: 10-13
    Lexile Reading Level: 820L
  • Biphobia: Deal With It

    Biphobia: Deal With It

    A reader-directed exploration of biphobia and bi-erasure within society.

    $24.95, Hardcover
    Interest ages: 9-14
    Reading level: Grade 9
    Lexile Reading Level: 850L
  • White Privilege Deal With It

    White Privilege Deal With It

    A reader-directed exploration of white privilege and the legacy of racism in society and media.

    $24.95, Hardcover
    Interest ages: 9-14
    Lexile Reading Level: 780L
  • Islamophobia Deal With It

    Islamophobia Deal With It

    A reader-directed exploration of tolerance, inclusiveness, and situations where information and communication might create prejudice against Muslims.

    $24.95, Hardcover
    Interest ages: 9-14
    Reading level: Grade 4
    Lexile Reading Level: 840L

About the series

  • Discusses real-life situations kids face
  • Explains conflict in a kid-friendly way
  • Includes Q&A’s, quizzes, and advice columns
  • Provides age-appropriate resolutions
  • Shows the perspectives of victims, bullies, and witnesses
  • Characters from diverse racial backgrounds and gender identities
  • Graphic novel-style illustrations
  • Highly visual
  • Approachable and easy to read
  • Sparks critical thinking and challenges assumptions
  • For grades 4 and up


Praise for Praise for Deal with It: White Privilege

YA Dude Books – Winner – Best of 2021 Non-Fiction

In White Privilege, educator Catherine Inglis tackles the difficult topic of white privilege in a gripping and easy to understand way.

— The Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Best Books for Kids and Teens

Ultimately, this is a timely book on a topic that young people need to learn about. Few resources and opportunities for explicit teaching on white privilege exist for this age group, so this book should be a welcome addition to every school library.

— CM: Review of Materials

Praise for Deal with It: Body Image

A good choice for middle school libraries that would help support information literacy lessons and SEL activities.

— School Library Journal

Praise for Deal with It: Homophobia

This accessible book defines homophobia and leads readers to consider seriously their own actions and attitudes, and how they can learn to treat everyone with respect. . . . This will be a useful book that could generate much production discussion about homophobia and its direct effect on the lives of middle school students.

— Resource Links

Overall, I believe that the content is valuable, and the sidebars are quite informative. . . The sections of the book that focus on what homophobia is are actually very important aspects of the text, especially in our current social context where homophobia gets tossed around to a great degree.

— CM: Review of Materials

Praise for Deal with It: Freedom of Expression

Spotlights real-life situations that young readers will be able to relate to.”

CM: Review of Materials

Praise for Deal with It: Transphobia

Red Maple Non-Fiction Award Nominee
Best Books for Kids & Teens — Canadian Children’s Book Centre

The book’s content is incredibly (and sadly) relevant, and I think that … Transphobia: Deal With It is a necessary book for school libraries, classroom collections, and home use.

— CM: Review of Materials

Praise for Deal with It: Consent

Honourable Mention – OLA Best Bets 2020

A valuable addition to collections for young adolescents.”

— School Library Journal

Praise for Deal with It: Islamophobia

Best Books for Kids & Teens – Canadian Children’s Book Centre – 2021

…patiently and clearly sets each scene, identifies the issue, offers real-life examples, and provides do’s and don’ts to help readers navigate the various scenarios.

— Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Deal with It: Gangs

Gangs offers teachers, guidance personnel, or front-line workers a useful resource… Its frank portrayal of the sexist, violent, and stressful reality that is street crime, and the practical steps it offers readers on how to escape gang culture, mean it might actually be a lifesaver.

— Resource Links

Praise for Deal with It: Bullying

Bullying provides an explanation of the many forms of bullying, and offers strategies for taking action against it.

Publishers Weekly, Selected Bullying Resource

Praise for Deal with It: Cliques

Illustrated with numerous color cartoons, this title [Cliques] in the Deal with It series uses an interactive format to dramatize the contemporary teen social scene and raise moral questions about what it means to do the right thing. Great for group discussion, this title’s lists of do’s and dont’s will spark debate precisely because the book captures how hard it can be to identify what’s right and act accordingly.


“[Cliques] is part of the Deal with It Series, to assist adolescents with the everyday conflicts they face. This complete series would be a worthwhile addition to an elementary and middle school library collection and should promote valuable discussion in the classroom.”

Resource Links

Praise for Deal with It: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying offers fun and practical tips for safely navigating the Internet, where online name-calling, rumors, and threats have great impact.

Publisher’s Weekly

“With a serious look at a growing problem, Cyberbullying is timely, indeed.”

CM: Review of Materials

Praise for Deal with It: Fighting

Fighting is a simple, direct approach to a common problem in some high schools. Recommended.

Publisher’s Weekly

Praise for Deal with It: Guyness

“[In Guyness] there is a timely section on stereotypes in the media, especially television, video games and the internet. Recommended.”

CM: Review of Materials

Books and sets in the series

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