Bank Shot

by Valerie Pankratz Froese

The story of how a young teen girl tries to balance responsibilities at home with a chance to play basketball.

There’s nothing Jo won’t do to play ball — even if it means lying

When Jo tries out for the school basketball team, she doesn’t really expect to make it. But when she does she’s faced with a tough decision — shirk her responsibility for looking after her younger brother after school or don’t play. She knows asking her mom is out of the question. There’s no money to pay a babysitter for her brother and her mom would say no anyway. So Jo hatches a plan to have a neighbour watch her brother in secret, but will she get away with it?

VALERIE PANKRATZ FROESE grew up playing sports and started coaching at a young age. Her love of coaching drew her to a career in teaching, where she taught both elementary and middle school. Valerie lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


A tidy tale, villain- and (unusually, these days) bully-free, with clear but not heavy-handed game and life coaching.

Kirkus Reviews

Bank Shot is a fast-paced read for reluctant readers or basketball fans.

Stephanie Johnson, CM Review of Materials

Subjects (BISAC)


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