by Jodi Lundgren

As her two closest friends get drawn into dealing cocaine, Meringue pushes herself to move from watching to doing -- with tragic consequences

As far as Mary, a.k.a. Meringue, can tell, the only good thing about moving from Vancouver to Red Deer following her parents' divorce is that she was able to get a head-start on earning her Learner's Permit. Now she's sixteen, she can drive on her own. When her friend Jeff asks her to cover his pizza route, Meringue jumps at the chance to cruise around town on her mother's scooter. Little does she know that Jeff has been using his father's pizza shop as a cover-up for his small-scale drug deals. By the time Meringue figures out whats going on, a bigger drug dealer is moving in on Jeff's business -- and on her. Meringue is scared. How can she get herself out without snitching?

About the Author

JODI LUNDGREN is the author of several published short stories as well as an adult literary novel and a YA novel. She teaches English and Creative Writing at Camosun College. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia.


"A mature, gritty novel about teens who make a mistake. The characters have realistic worries and interactions. Highly recommended."
Jaime Tong,, Educator at Vancouver School Board
"Lundgren is to be commended for portraying Asians within a contemporary context rather than in stereotypical ideals. Her writing shines as she portrays the complexities of racism through Meringue's relationship with Jeff... Lundgren demonstrates that racism goes beyond slurs and uncomfortable glances."
Jenice Batiforra, Librarian,, Canadian Review of Materials (CM)
"I am always looking for good high-interest low reading level titles to share with students, and this book did not disappoint! It had relatable characters and a fast-paced plot. The writing style was perfect for the genre and I would definitely recommend it to students."
Vera Wexler, Educator


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