Bullying Deal With It

Deal with it before push comes to shove

by Elaine Slavens

illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

Everyone has suffered from bullying at some time in their lives. This book explains how to identify it and gain the skills to deal with it.

Kids deal with bullying in its many forms on a daily basis. This newly revised and reissued edition of Bullying: Deal With It is a popular and proven resource in Lorimers Deal With It conflict resolution series. Quizzes, comics and graphic novel-style illustrations help make this an engaging and accessible way to approach a complex and all-too-common problem.

This book will give kids the know-how to deal with bullying, whether they are the targets, witnesses, or even bullies themselves.

  • Bullying 101 explains the many forms that bullying can take, from name-calling to physical fights to cyberbullying
  • Letters to the "Bully Counsellor" illustrate real-life examples of bullying
  • Quizzes test your anti-bullying skills
  • A resource page lists helpful organizations, books, and websites

Newly Revised and Updated Edition

About the Authors

Elaine Slavens
Elaine Slavens

ELAINE SLAVENS is the former Consultant of Guidance and Social/Personal Skills for the Toronto District School Board and was previously Conflict Resolution Advisor for the Toronto Board of Education. This book reflects her deep and sympathetic understanding of young people and her experience with issues of conflict in school settings. The Deal With It Series helps adolescents cope with conflicts in everyday life and aims to promote peaceful homes, schools, and communities.
BROOKE KERRIGAN is a recent graduate from Sheridan Colleges Interpretive Illustration program. Brooke's work can be found amongst the pages of Chirp magazine as well as Owl's recently published cookbook Eat It Up!.'


"Interesting and varied presentations of the facts about bullying will make this a terrific vehicle for prompting discussion."
Brandon Sun
"Slavens presents everything needed to start great discussions about bullying in class, in counseling groups, with individuals, and with youth at home... [We applaud not only the accessible, basic information and reader-friendly text, but also the illustrations and overall presentation that make this brief book a valuable tool for everyone. All adults should read it and thank the author for this excellent resource."
C.J. Bott, Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)
"Provides an explanation of the many forms of bullying, and offers strategies for taking action against it." PW Bullying Resource Selection
Publishers Weekly


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