Cliques Deal With It

Deal with it using what you have inside

by Kat Mototsune

illustrated by Ben Shannon

Chosen as one of Resource Links' Year's Best for 2011
Quizzes, comics, and graphic novel-style illustration help make this book a fun and accessible way to approach the often difficult-to-address problem of cliques.

As long as there have been girls in schools, there have been cliques -- a particularly malicious and subtle form of bullying that isn't always recognized for what it is. And with the growing role of social media, their mean-spirited goals have only become easier to achieve.

Cliques: Deal with it using what you have inside, the latest book in the Deal With It series, offers young readers up-to-date discussions about: distinguishing groups from cliques, inclusion/exclusion, gossip, cyber-bullying, self esteem, and peer pressure. The book directly addresses the problem of cliques, and provides many practical tips on how to identify, confront, and overcome it -- with style. The text is written to be comfortable for every reader, whether on the inside making trouble for someone else, on the outside, or a bystander wondering what to do. Quizzes, comics, and graphic novel-style illustration help make this book a fun and accessible way to approach an often difficult-to-address problem.

About the Authors

Kat Mototsune
Kat Mototsune
KAT MOTOTSUNE is a former editor at ChickaDEE Magazine and OWL Books. She has edited dozens of critically acclaimed non-fiction and education books for children. She lives in Toronto. BEN SHANNON is a Toronto-based illustrator and musician. His work has appeared in publications such as Rolling Stone, Wired, National Geographic World, and The Globe and Mail.


"Using colour, changes in print size and lots of illustrations throughout, the concept of "cliques" is explored in a format designed to appeal to the target age group."
Diana Mumford, Canadian Teacher Magazine
Illustrated with numerous color cartoons, this title in the Deal with It series uses an interactive format to dramatize the contemporary teen social scene and raise moral questions about what it means to do the right thing.
Great for group discussion, this title's lists of do's and don'ts will spark debate precisely because the book captures how hard it can be to identify what is right and act accordingly.
Hazel Rochman, Booklist Online (US)


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