Jamilah at the End of the World

by Mary-Lou Zeitoun

A Palestinian-Canadian teen girl’s anxiety about climate change causes conflict with her family and makes it seem futile to plan for her future.

When electricity over-consumption during a summer heat wave causes a city-wide blackout, Jamilah’s eco-anxiety kicks into high gear. After years of doomscrolling and being inundated by warnings of a looming climate change catastrophe, she knows this is it — the end for the planet and life as she knows it. So why is no one in her family taking her plans to save them by converting the garage into a bunker, stockpiling LÄRABARs or using her university fund to buy a generator seriously? Is it really up to Jamilah to save the world on her own?

About the Author

Mary-Lou Zeitoun

MARY-LOU ZEITOUN is a Palestinian-Canadian author, essayist, arts journalist and activist. Her novel 13 was the YA winner of the 2008 New England Book Festival award and she has had fiction published in Taddle Creek magazine and Canadian Notes and Queries. She divides her time between Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario.


"Climate anxiety is serious, but Jamilah’s witty and at times downright hilarious narration keeps the novel light-hearted."


Quill and Quire

"An appealing title for environmentally minded reluctant readers."

Kirkus Reviews

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