Losing Hit Points

by Kristopher Mielke

After Rumour came out as trans, Journey—her best friend—dropped her. When a D&D game brings them face-to-face, Journey must confront their shame and their suppressed romantic feelings

Losing Hit Points is a nerdy queer romance book set against the backdrop of a tabletop Dungeons & Dragons game. A romantic story filled with goblins, adventure, and the healing power of admitting our mistakes.
Equal parts touching and laugh-out-loud funny, trans teen Journey has the chance to play an epic game of Dungeons & Dragons. Surprise encounters are common in D&D but what they don’t expect is to reconnect with an ex-friend who they still love and have wronged in the past.

Kristopher Mielke's newest novel melds the fun of the popular fantasy role-playing game with a touching plot about admitting one's mistakes and making up for the past, while looking ahead towards a brighter future — together.

About the Author

Kristopher Mielke (he/they) is the co-author of Victory Lap with Riley Alexis Wood. They love drinking too much coffee, watching long video essays about philosophy and cartoons, and writing about queer heroes and hungry monsters. They live outside of Erin, Ontario, with entirely too many people and pets to list.

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