No Known Address

by Steven Barwin

A teen in conflict with his parents searches for a place to live and a way to keep his life together.

From the outside, Tyler's life seems pretty good. His dad is a doctor and his parents are well-respected members of the community. They live in a nice house and Tyler has enough spending money. But behind closed doors his dad's drinking problem and verbal abuse towards Tyler have gotten worse as his mom's mental health has declined. Soon, Tyler starts going home only for meals and to sleep, until his dad kicks him out for his "attitude."

For a little while, Tyler gets by couch hopping from a friend's house to his girlfriend's place, but even their parents don't really want Tyler around. When he's falsely accused of providing prescription drugs at a party, he gets banned from his girlfriend's place for good. Where can Tyler go when there's no place left to turn?

About the Author

Steven Barwin

STEVEN BARWIN is a teacher and the author of Trap Jam and Cold Grab in the Lorimer SideStreets series. He has also written several sports novels. Steven lives in Thornhill, Ontario.


"Emphasis is placed on keeping the plot moving, making it a good choice for reluctant readers."

Bob Hassett, School Library Journal

"A thought-provoking problem novel about a teen’s journey to find a safe place to call home."

Kirkus Reviews

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