Not Out

by Dirk McLean

Dex is down and out till he tries cricket, "the game that's best for body, brain, and spirit"

Since Dexter's parents' death, he's been living with his aunt in her Scarborough apartment. Even though it's been two years, Dexter is still struggling to control his anger and so far the best way for him to do this is through sports. Then one day he snaps and attacks the pitcher during a baseball game, and Dex suddenly finds himself off the team. His aunt gives him two options: find another sports team, or go back to trombone lessons. But no other coach seems willing to give Dexter and his now-legendary temper a chance . . .

Dexter's best friend, Atul, suggests that he try out for the school's cricket squad, but Dexter's not so sure. Despite his Carribean heritage, he knows almost nothing about cricket, and thinks it's a wimpy sport anyway. But Dex's batting skills make him a shoo-in, and to his surprise, he even starts to enjoy himself -- until the squad captain, jealous of Dex's natural skill, makes his life even more difficult than before.

About the Author

Dirk McLean
DIRK McLEAN is the author of children's picture books, the Lorimer Sports Stories novel Not Out, and Team Fugee. He has also written radio drama and stage plays which have toured southern Ontario elementary schools. Dirk was born in Trinidad & Tobago and now lives in Toronto.


"McLean incorporates humour and a romantic interest for Dexter... Most heartwarming is Dexter's gradual acceptance of the loss of his parents" Rated G - good, even great at times, generally useful!
Patricia Jermey, Resource Links
"The story is very good... I appreciated McLean's skill in creating a character who based his self-esteem in sport and who is struggling to find meaning elsewhere since the death of his parents. McLean shows a real strength in showing readers Dexter's world-view." Recommended
John Dryden, CM: Canadian Review of Materials


Best Book for Kids & Teens Selection (Canadian Children's Book Centre)

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