Playing Favourites

by Trevor Kew

Gavin's putting it all on the line to win -- including his friendships

Gavin and his friends Mido and Critter are starting high school this year, which means moving from a school with a championship-winning soccer team to a school that doesn't have a team at all. With a little encouragement from his friends and granddad, a former "footballer" from England, Gavin musters up his courage and makes a deal with the school football coach -- he agrees to let the soccer team share the field while the football team practices, but Gavin will be responsible for running the team. With a newbie team made up of misfits and kids just out to have a good time, Gavin soon learns that being a good coach isn't the same as being a good player.

About the Author

Trevor Kew
TREVOR KEW is an English teacher and enthusiastic soccer goalkeeper. He is also the author of six Lorimer Sports Stories novels, including Run for Your Life, Bench Brawl, and Trading Goals. Trevor grew up in B.C. and now lives and works in Japan.


"with authentic real-life situations and realistic soccer scenes, Playing Favourites stands well as a story of friendship and sportsmanship." Recommended.
Yahong Chi, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"This is a perfect novel for youth with an interest in does a perfect job at getting sports fans interested in reading." Rated G, good, even great at times
Michael Rogowski, Resource Links
"Gavin and his mates start high school and are dismayed to discover that the entire soccer program has been dropped. With permission but no help from the football coach, they organize a squad themselves. There are all kinds of issues: Gavin's profound lack of coaching skills, the incompetence of various teammates or their refusal to be team players, cheating opponents, and seemingly blind officials. The soccer action is truncated to highlights and lows, but there are enough of both to please the most rabid fans, as the team goes from zero to hero in classic Bad News Bears fashion."
Booklist Online


A Junior Library Guild Selection
Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens Selection

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