Real Justice: Branded a Baby Killer

The story of Brenda Waudby and the notorious pathologist Dr Charles Smith

by Harold Levy

The true story of a mother wrongfully charged with murdering her own daughter and how she faced down the justice system and a corrupt pathologist
Brenda Waudby, a rehabilitated cocaine addict, was a single mother of two little girls in 1997. One night she left them with a 14-year-old babysitter and when she came home her 21-month-old daughter was dead.
Police immediately targeted Brenda as the suspect. A government pathologist, Dr. Charles Smith, examined the body and concluded that Brenda was responsible for the death. Facing a jury on a charge of murder and the permanent loss of her other children, Brenda was cornered -- and pled
guilty to child abuse, instead of murder.
Almost nine years later, the babysitter confessed to the crime. Ultimately Brenda was acquitted and given an apology and financial compensation. This book tells the story of a young woman burdened with many disadvantages who had the strength of character to face down the justice system and to work to finally bring the truth to light.

About the Author

HAROLD LEVY is a former lawyer who worked in Ontario's criminal courts. Later he worked as an investigative reporter for the Toronto Star, retiring in 2006. He is now a freelance writer with a blog about cases concerning injustice, especially those involving former pathologist charles Smith. This is his first book for young people. He lives in Toronto.

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