SAR: Powderhounds

by Heather Kellerhals-Stewart

An adrenaline-filled search and rescue story set in the Canadian Rockies

It's the last run of the day and hotdog skier Luc isn't afraid to go out of bounds to get the most out of a downhill experience. Though his girlfriend, Cass, is a bit more cautious, she's not going to let Luc go on his own. But as the weather takes a turn for the worse, the skiers become lost.

When Search and Rescue gets the phone call that the skiers may be missing, the office is being manned by rookie Chic. The rescue team know they must wait until morning before they set out in the poor weather conditions, but when they still havent located the missing skiers by the end of the next day, Chic decides it's up to him to head out and find them on his own.

About the Author

Heather Kellerhals-Stewart is an experienced mountain climber and skier. She is the author of the SideStreets novel Extreme Edge. Heather lives on Quadra Island, British Columbia.


"Heather Kellerhals-Stewart captures the danger and daring of the young rescue team willing to risk their own lives to help even the most foolhardy risk takers. Readers will feel the bone-chilling cold and the whipping wind and snow as they follow the stories of both the missing skiers and the team sent to find them."
S. Kruger, Middle School Teacher
"An adventure novel, SAR Powderhounds follows the course of the search and rescue mission from two alternating viewpoints -- through both the eyes of Chic on his first search and rescue mission and Luc as he tries to keep himself and Cass alive in a blizzard on a mountain. Kellerhals-Stewart has captured the attitude and viewpoints of teenage boys quite excellently. SAR Powderhounds is a great book to get outdoorsy types reading up a storm."
Susie Wilson, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"SAR Powderhounds is part soap-opera drama, part real-world insight into the fast-paced and dangerous world of snow skiing and snow rescue. Told in alternating perspectives, readers hear both Luc and Chics reasons for loving the snow and taking chances. Authentic details never get jargony and will intrigue powderhounds and flatlanders alike."
Jennifer M. Miskec, VOYA

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