Tough Guys

Hockey Rivals in Times of War and Disaster

by Eric Zweig

The story of "Bad" Joe Hall and Newsy Lalonde - two guys who learned to work together and deal with unexpected challenges.

"Bad" Joe Hall and Newsy Lalonde were bitter enemies on the ice. Crowds were drawn as these two roughneck hockey players battled it out for victory. But the game changed during WWI, when many of Canada's hockey players left the game to become soldiers and fight for their country. Rivals Joe and Newsy were then forced to play side by side as teammates. And in 1919, just when the fighting overseas ended and things were looking up for hockey, the Spanish Influenza quickly spread across North America. The Stanley Cup was put in jeopardy. This is the story of two guys who learned to work together and deal with unexpected challenges of all kinds.

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About the Author

Eric Zweig
ERIC ZWEIG has written about sports and sports history for many major publications, including the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. He has also been a writer/producer with CBC Radio Sports and TSN SportsRadio, and written several popular books about hockey for both adults and children. He lives in Owen Sound, Ontario, with his family.


"With their small trim size, short chapters, and smattering of black-and-white photographs, these accessible books may draw reluctant-reader sports fans."
The Horn Book Guide
"In this interesting and plainly written book on the pre-NHL days of professional hockey in Canada, the main event is not the game itself but events that seemed to conspire against it...For young readers of today, this book is a respectable eye-opener in terms of salaries, team spirit, patriotism and just plain love of the game."
Lesley Little, Resource Links

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