Ugly Kicks

by Kelsey Blair

What will you give up when you can't afford to play?

Ashley Rivera's single mom can't afford to buy her new basketball shoes -- she does't even have enough for the registration fee when Ashley makes the city basketball team. So Ashley takes on extra work to make the money she needs to play basketball. Soon Ashley's overloaded schedule makes her too tired for school and her friends, and she can't take it when the popular girl on her team suddenly starts teasing her about her ragged sneakers.

Does Ashley even want to keep playing? With the help of friends old and new, and with surprising support from her brother, Ashley figures out how to afford the price of play.

About the Author

Kelsey Blair

KELSEY BLAIR played varsity women's basketball at the University of British Columbia where she was team captain for four years, leading her team to two Canadian Interuniversity Sport National Championships. She later played professional basketball in Sweden for two years before returning to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she is currently pursuing her PhD in English from Simon Fraser University. Kelsey is the author of the sports novel Pick and Roll in the Lorimer Sports Stories series, which was named one of the Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens. Ugly Kicks is her second novel.


"The author has extensive experience with the sport of basketball, and this knowledge comes through in the novel . . . The novel would appeal to students who like basketball, team sports and realistic fiction, and Ugly Kicks would be an excellent addition to any collection. Highly Recommended."
CM Magazine
"MIddle grade students would appreciate this book, and ESOL students may appreciate the simplicity of the book."
Rheetha Lawlor, Librarian,, Netgalley Reviewer
"An intense, contemporary sports story for middle school girls. Because of the lack of swearing or sexual content, this is a good choice for more conservative readers who still want a realistic, modern story."
Libby Bergstrom, Librarian,, Netgalley Reviewer


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