Walker’s Runners

by Robert Rayner

Toby has always been lazy. When the new principal tries to whip him into shape, will he cooperate?

When Toby Morton's sister asks him to play hopscotch, he asks if there's a video game version.

He hates physical activity, and he especially hates gym class at his New Brunswick school. If the kids on his team in gym tease him for being overweight, he goes out of his way to make sure they lose. So when his new homeroom teacher, Mr. Walker, asks Toby to join the running team, Toby thinks he's crazy. But when his friend Amy suffers a dangerous attack of asthma, Toby is forced to look at exercise in a different light.

Walker's Runners is a lively story for young people that introduces the joys of physical fitness, while highlighting the high costs of inactivity.

About the Author

Robert Rayner

Robert Rayner
ROBERT RAYNER is a former elementary school principal in St. George, New Brunswick. He is the author of a set of soccer Sports Stories about a gang of soccer-mad kids from fictional Brunswick Valley. Of these sports novels, Walker's Runners was nominated for the Ann Connor Brimer Award, Just for Kicks and Falling Star were both Hackmatack Award nominees, and Suspended and Little's Losers were Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice selections.


"This book is written with sensitivity and insight. The author is an elementary principal who understands emerging adolescents and their struggles."
Highlands Regional Library Cooperative Book Evaluation Program


Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children's Literature
Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection
Margaret and John Savage First Book Award

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