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  • Toronto's Ravines and Urban Forests

    A guide to the most popular of Torontos unique ravine parks and the trees, birds and plants visitors can easily identify
    $24.95, paperback
  • Damming the Peace

    Independent researchers and journalists on the latest big water megaproject to divide British Columbia

    $22.95, paperback
  • The Natural Treasures of Carolinian Canada

    Sweeping from Toronto to Lake Huron and Lake Erie is a region of biological richness unmatched in Canada. Here the native trees have unusual names - Sassafras, Cucumber Magnolias, Tulip-tree, Pawpaw - evoking the distinctly southern character for which the region is named.
    $34.95, paperback
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    Dr. Foster and Dr. Sewell call upon the federal government to recognize that environmental protection and other priorities are, in fact, interdependent and that Ottawa must take responsibility for coordinating analysis, implementation and evaluation of water policy in Canada.

    $14.95, paperback
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    Poisons in Public

    It is not enough to react to environmental pollution after the fact of major social dislocations or the death of citizens.  Firm steps must be taken to eliminate pollution and halt the destruction of the environment.

    $14.95, paperback
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    Canada's Water: For Sale?

    Describes the pressures behind U.S. demand for Canadian water and the Canadian response and presents the case against grand engineering schemes, major dams, and large river diversions.

    $3.75, paperback
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