A History of Quebec Nationalism

by Gilles Gougeon

translated by Louisa Blair, Jane Ubertino, and Robert Chodos

This up-to-date book is a brief history of Quebec and the idea of a Quebec nation from 1740 to the present day.
First published in 1994, this book offers a brief history of Quebec and the idea of a Quebec nation from 1740 to the time of publication.
The story is told through conversations between journalist Gilles Gougeon and seven noted Quebec historians. At a time when many Quebec nationalists continue to believe that they are close to achieving the goal of sovereignty that they have sought for more than two centuries, English Canadians can see for themselves how Quebec historians view their own history.
A bestseller in Quebec, A History of Quebec Nationalism has successfully explained the history of Quebec nationalism and its champions to Quebec readers.

About the Authors

ROBERT CHODOS is an experienced author and translator who has published widely in the fields of Canadian business, politics, and transportation and of Quebec history. Among his most recent books are The Unmaking of Canada (1991), Lost in Cyberspace? (1997), and Paul Martin: A Political Biography (1998), all co-written with Rae Murphy and Eric Hamovitch, and all published by Lorimer.

LOUISA BLAIR is a native of Quebec City who now work as a writer, editor and translator in Toronto.

GILLES GOUGEON is a journalist with Radio-Canada in Montreal.

JANE UBERTINO is a freelance translator and French teacher who lives in Toronto.


"I know nothing better to improve anyone's understanding of the present crisis than this slim 118 page soft cover book.
The best of it is that it is not stilted academic writing but authoritative readable speech, made for television and admirable for its clarity and succinctness."
Dalton Camp, Telegraph-Journal
"Clear, fascinating, enlightening little book... excellent English translation.
For all those who worry about Quebec and its future within Canada this is the basic book to read.
Don't miss this fascinating little book.
Make sure your local library and high school library have copies available.
By reading it, you'll learn a lot of history no schoolbooks seem to cover and understand what's going on today."
E.E. Cran, Telegraph-Journal
"This slim volume is a handy starter for English Canadians interested in understanding what drives nationalist Quebecers.
This book flows from transcripts of a series on the subject done for Radio Canada, CBC's French television network, back in 1992."
Joe Sinasac, Record

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