Canadian Women’s Issues

Volume I: Strong Voices

by Ruth Roach Pierson, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Paula Bourne, and Philinda Masters

In this first volume of a two-volume set, the authors focus on six issues that have been central to women's activism during the past 25 years.
This first volume of a two-volume set features essays that consider six major issues within the movement. The essays are supported by a wide range of key documents covering the period since 1967.
Contents of Volume I:
1The Canadian Women'sMovement
2The Politics of the Body
3The Mainstream Women'sMovement and the Politics of Difference
4Social Policy and Social Services
5Women, Law, and the Justice System
6Women, Culture, and Communications

About the Authors

Ruth Roach Pierson

RUTH ROACH PIERSON is a professor of womens history and feminist studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE).'

Marjorie Griffin Cohen

MARJORIE GRIFFIN COHEN is an economist who is a professor of womens studies and political science at Simon Fraser University.'

Paula Bourne

PAULA BOURNE is the co-ordinator of the Centre for Womens Studies in Education at OISE.'

Philinda Masters

PHILINDA MASTERS is the editor of Resources for Feminist Research/Documentation sur la recherche féministe.


"Currently the best source available on the history of the women's movement in English Canada, the two volumes in this series are balanced, hard-hitting, and often fun to read. They will not soon be superseded."
Margaret Conrad, Canadian Book Review Annual

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