Condo Questions and Answers: Ontario Edition

What you can do about the 40+ most common — and unexpected — condo problems

by Sally Thompson

In Condo Questions and Answers, author Sally Thompson gives Ontario condo residents exactly what they need to get the most out of their homes.

Living in a condo is a new experience for most Canadians and raises a lot of unfamiliar questions.

Most people living in condos want answers to their questions from someone they can trust. Sally Thompson is the perfect person for condo residents to rely on.

What do we do when the neighbour's dog pees in the elevator every morning? Why are we being charged for a new parking garage? Why did our maintenance fees double? Sally Thompson has answers to these and 50 more questions she's heard from Ontario condo residents.

Consulting for condo boards, advising condo owners, serving as president of the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute, and advising the government on the Ontario Condo Act have made Sally Thompson an expert on Ontario condos and the issues their residents face. 

Distilling her long career into an easy-to-read reference book, Sally Thompson’s Condo Questions and Answers puts the power back into the residents’ hands.

About the Author

SALLY THOMPSON is a condo expert, with a long history of advising condo owners, property managers boards and most recently the government. Sally has sat on multiple condo boards and served as president for the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute. She works for a consulting company focused on building engineering and capital planning. During the last ten years, Sally has worked extensively as a consultant for the public consultations of the Condominium act. She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

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