From Protest to Power

Social Democracy in Canada 1900-Present

by Norman Penner

Here, in a single volume, is an account of the development of social democracy in Canada.

This volume, first published in 1992, offers an account of the development of social democracy in Canada from its roots in labour politics and agrarian revolt to the rise of the NDP.

Social democratic governments in Canada have demonstrated that there are realistic alternatives to the business-oriented policies of the Liberals and Conservatives. This book shows how Canadians have developed and supported that alternative approach.

Norman Penner, an authority on the political Left in Canada, is particularly well qualified to describe its history and discuss its current status.

About the Author

Norman Penner

NORMAN PENNER was a professor of political science at York University, Toronto. He is the author of The Canadian Left: A Critical Analysis and Canadian Communism: The Stalin Years and Beyond and editor of Winnipeg 1919 and Keeping Canada Together.

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