The Corporate Campus

Commercialization and the Dangers to Canada's Colleges and University

edited by James Turk

This book looks at the corrosive influence of corporations on postsecondary education, with essays from some of Canada's most prominent scholars.
For 50 years, the quality of education offered by Canadian universities and colleges steadily improved, along with access to these institutions. By the end of the 1990s, these gains were in danger.
As tuition fees increased, universities made new and often secret arrangements with the private sector; as courses and research were offered up for sale, Canada's institutions of higher learning were at risk of losing sight of the public interest. In this volume respected scholars--including Ursula Franklin, Dr. Nancy Olivieri, and William Bruneau--examine the many issues surrounding the commercialization of colleges and universities.
The Corporate Campus offers penetrating analyses of the threats posed by remodelling post-secondary institutions along corporate lines.

About the Author

James Turk

James Turk
JAMES L. TURK is Executive Director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. Formerly an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and Director of Education for the Ontario Federation of Labour, he is a frequent media contributor and has written many articles on education and labour in Canada.(more)


"Turk's study offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of this crisis available."
" The Corporate Campus provides a useful introduction to an issue that demands informed public debate."
Alexander D. Gregor, Canadian Book Review Annual

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