The West

The History of a Region in Confederation, Third Edition

by John F. Conway

This third edition of this popular and successful history describes how many key events and issues in Canadian history emerge from the country's four western provinces.
In time for Alberta's and Saskatchewan's 100th anniversary of Confederation, political commentator and writer John Conway examines the unique way the West has shaped the rest of Canada.
The Riel Rebellions, the Winnipeg General Strike, the founding of the CCF, Social Credit and Reform parties, the struggle for provincial control of resources -- much of the impetus for political, social and economic change in Canada has come from the West.
From pre-Confederation to the present, author John Conway, himself a Westerner, tells the story of the colourful and controversial figures who molded the region. His lively history of the West and its peoples offers insight into the experience of Western Canadians and documents their contribution to Canadian economic and political life.
The third edition of this popular and successful history describes Stephen Harper's arrival on the political scene, as well as the rise and fall of such figures as Grant Devine, Bill Vander Zalm, Glen Clark, Roy Romanow, and Stockwell Day. It also describes how the West, the cradle of Canadian social democracy, was transformed into the bastion of the right during the last decade.

About the Author

John F. Conway

JOHN F. CONWAY, a well-known commentator on Western Canadian politics, teaches sociology at the University of Regina. He is the author of The Canadian Family in Crisis and Debts to Pay, and a frequent contributor to newspapers across Canada.


". . . a timely and provocative book. . . The West is a well-structured, straightforwardly written view of our national history from a western perspective."
Canadian Geographic

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