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  • Family Ties: How a Ukrainian Nazi and a living Jewish witness link Canada to Ukraine today

    Award winning author Peter McFarlane exposes the ignored and little known history of Ukrainian Nazis settling in Canada.

    $27.95, paperback
  • Cold War Over Canada

    A story of the Cold War over Canada told by RCAF flier Scott Maclagan. This memoir adds a fascinating chapter to Canada’s military history.

    $34.95, paperback
  • Canada in Afghanistan

    How and why Canada went to war in Afghanistan, what Canadians were doing on the ground, and why the effort failed to achieve any of its aims – military, humanitarian, or diplomatic

    $27.95, paperback
  • Myths of Modern History

    Revisionist historian Jacques R. Pauwels challenges readers to reconsider what they know about some key events in the last 250 years of world history.

    $27.95, paperback
  • The Avro Arrow

    The story of the great Canadian Cold War combat jet — in pictures and documents
    $24.95, paperback
  • Fort Henry

    An illustrated guide to Kingstons Fort Henry
    $19.95, paperback
  • Harry Livingstone's Forgotten Men

    An untold story about the clandestine operation to transport 80,000 Chinese labourers from remote Chinese villages, across Canada and all the way to the European battlefront to aid in the war effort and the mistreatment and racism they faced along the way.
    $27.95, paperback
  • Oil and World Politics

    Petroleum is at the root of most conflicts in the world today. It infiltrates politics and is closely associated with power. This book offers new understanding of what has been happening in world's "hot spot" countries.
    $27.95, paperback
  • Wartime

    Wartime in Canadian life; a new perspective on The First World War
    $29.95, hardcover
  • Churchill and Fisher

    A distinguished Canadian historian's portrait of two unforgettable figures
    $39.95, paperback
  • Gunboats on the Great Lakes 1866-68

    This book tells the story of three British gunboats that patrolled the Great lakes in the aftermath of the US Civil War when Canada was negotiating Confederation and under Fenian attack. Cheryl MacDonald explores the impact of Fenian invasions on Canada and how the presence of the gunboats helped guarantee Canadian sovereignty.
    $24.95, paperback
  • Too Young to Die

    The never-before-told story of underage youth in uniform

    $34.95, hardcover
  • The Great Class War 1914-1918

    Far from an accident of history, the First World War was a long sought-after event welcomed by European elites as a check against democratization and socialist reforms — but the war had far-reaching and unexpected consequences.
    $27.95, paperback
  • Canada under Attack

    The Fenians were a real threat -- with Uncle Sam close behind
    $16.95, paperback
  • The Myth of the Good War

    A revisionist historian offers a refreshing but challenging account of the Second World War, what caused it, why it unfolded as it did, and who emerged the real victor.
    $24.95, paperback
  • Incredible Tales of the Royal Canadian Air Force

    The stories of the valiant Canadians who enlisted in the RCAF and fought during WWII

    $1.99, paperback
    Interest ages: 11-18
  • Old Enough to Fight

    Now in paperback the story of underage soldiers who fought for Canada in the First World War
    $27.95, paperback
  • Disaster at Dieppe

    The incredible and harrowing story of Canada's worst day in the Second World War
    $9.95, paperback
  • D-Day

    On June 6, 1944, a daring invasion of Europe changed the course of World War II, eventually leading to the surrender of Nazi Germany. During the night the Allied forces swept towards the beaches of Normandy. This is the story of the bravery, the heroism & dumb luck of the more than 14,000 Canadians who played a crucial role in that incredible event

    $9.95, paperback
  • Great Canadian War Heroes

    Great Canadian War Heroes tells the amazing stories of the 16 Canadians who received the Victoria Cross during WWII. They came from all walks of life and from various ranks within the Canadian Forces, but they all had one thing in common: each displayed exceptional bravery in the face of the enemy.
    $9.95, paperback
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