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  • Humans: The 300,000 Year Struggle for Equality

    For 300,000 years humans have pushed for equality in their societies. For the first time ever, historian Alvin Finkel brings together the evidence to tell the story of the 99% who have constantly sought to live in a society of equals.

    $25.95, paperback
  • Smart Cities in Canada: Digital Dreams, Corporate Designs

    Experts from across the country investigate the "smart city" trend in urban planning as it is showing up in different Canadian municipalities.

    $22.95, paperback
  • How We Changed Toronto

    John Sewell provides an insider's account of the period when Toronto was transformed by activist citizens and reforming politicians
    $29.95, hardcover
  • Sweethearts

    The story of how Jewish developers, Italian workers, corrupt union leaders and Mafia money built high-rise Toronto.
    $27.95, paperback
  • Toronto Murders

    The history of Toronto is peppered with countless tales of scandals and murder. This fascinating collection of crime stories features six chilling incidents that plagued the city's residents in days gone by. Exploring deadly love affairs, mysterious disappearances, and public hangings, these true accounts will keep you on the edge of your seat.
    $9.95, paperback
  • Toronto's Visual Legacy

    A stunning look at Toronto's History from 1856 to the present.

    $34.95, paperback
  • Toronto

    Telling Toronto's story from the final retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet to today's metropolis, a team of expert authors brings beautiful illustrations and fascinating, fresh perspectives together in this new natural, archaeological, and social history.
    $29.95, paperback
  • Hamilton: A People's History

    Hamilton: A People's History is lavishly illustrated with over 200 contemporary and archival images. The narrative and visuals together provide a vivid portrait of one of Ontario's most prosperous and appealing cities.
    $34.95, paperback
  • Hamilton Street Names

    Love, murder, betrayal, political intrigue -- these are just a few of the themes readers will uncover when they dip into the stories in this engaging new book about Hamilton's past.
    $24.95, paperback
  • Toronto Since 1918

    In Toronto Since 1918, first released in 1985, author James Lemon explores seventy years of Toronto's development.
    $29.95, paperback
  • Toronto to 1918

    Toronto to 1918, first published in 1984, examines the lives of the people who built Toronto.
    $29.95, paperback
  • Stratford

    In this book you will discover the story of Stratford's origins and growth and see the city's past and present in more than 100 contemporary and archival photographs.
    $16.95, paperback
  • William James' Toronto Views

    William James' Toronto Views offers an intimate and unparalleled portrait of the burgeoning city as it grew into the twentieth century.
    $24.95, paperback
  • Ottawa: An Illustrated History

    Ottawa's fascinating story is recounted with skill and wit in John H. Taylor's Ottawa: An Illustrated History.
    $29.95, paperback
  • After the Developers

    The contributors to this collection examine the future of our cities and discuss the new issues facing urban Canada.
    $19.95, paperback
  • Vancouver: An Illustrated History

    This lively history of one of Canada's fastest growing cities is accompanied by over 100 historical photographs that handsomely illustrate all aspects of the city's life from its early beginnings to the present.
    $55.00, hardcover
  • City for Sale

    City for Sale is perhaps the most penetrating, myth-shattering analysis ever made of landownership and kindered forces behind a city's development.
    $29.95, paperback
  • The Tiny Perfect Mayor

    When David Crombie won his surprise victory in the 1972 mayoralty race in Toronto, everyone thought it was a victory for citizen activism and for a saner approach to urban development. Was it?
    $14.95, paperback
  • Working People

    This book is a portrait of the people and events of a working-class Toronto neighbourhood under pressure from developers and middle-class renovators.
    $14.95, paperback
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