Riot School

by Robert Rayner

Five teens break into a small-town high school over the decision to close their school. How far they will go to protest having no control over decisions that affect their lives?
In the middle of the night, five teens break into a small-town high school to protest the decision to close the school and move them to a big city school. Led by Bilan, whose experience with the Arab Spring fired a passion to peacefully fight against injustice, the Gang of Five occupy their old school. The local police chief and the town quietly cheer them on. When the school board calls in a security firm to break up their occupation using any means necessary, including force, the Five have to decide how far they will go to show their outrage at having no control over decisions that affect their lives.

About the Author

Robert Rayner

Robert Rayner
ROBERT RAYNER is a former elementary school principal in St. George, New Brunswick. He is the author of a set of soccer Sports Stories about a gang of soccer-mad kids from fictional Brunswick Valley. Of these sports novels, Walker's Runners was nominated for the Ann Connor Brimer Award, Just for Kicks and Falling Star were both Hackmatack Award nominees, and Suspended and Little's Losers were Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice selections.


"This text includes a diversity of characters that are brought together for the common purpose of protesting injustice. The novel is divided by character perspectives and, therefore, allows some latitude in the writing. The novel has notes of the film Breakfast Club though with very sharp edges. The content would be suitable for upper grades and relies on the reader to suspend disbelief as the story closes.

The strongest part of Riot School is the author's illustration of the volatile world of teenage hormones and angst. Writing to encourage student voice is admirable and necessary..."

Penta Ledger,, CM Magazine
"Works nicely as a hi-lo, with an engaging set of diverse characters, a quick-moving plot, and a realistic if somewhat unsatisfying ending."
Carlyn Morenus, Librarian,, Netgalley
"Extremely well written, I found myself rooting for the "Gang of five" to overcome the petty ideas that so many people think are the right ones. Pertinent and brave, excellent writing."
Tina Avon,, Netgalley Reviewer

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