Robert Rayner

ROBERT RAYNER is a former elementary school principal in St. George, New Brunswick. He is the author of a set of soccer Sports Stories about a gang of soccer-mad kids from fictional Brunswick Valley. Of these sports novels, Walker’s Runners was nominated for the Ann Connor Brimer Award, Just for Kicks and Falling Star were both Hackmatack Award nominees, and Suspended and Little’s Losers were Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice selections.

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  • Riot School

    Five teens break into a small-town high school over the decision to close their school. How far they will go to protest having no control over decisions that affect their lives?
    $27.99, Hardcover
    Interest ages: 13-18
    Reading level: Grade 3
    Lexile Reading Level: 700L
  • Off Limits

    A boy who wants more out of a relationship than just sex - and finds it in the wrong place
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 14-18
    Reading level: Grade 4
  • Falling Star

    The Brunswick Valley kids are on the road. In order to secure the top spot in the league, the gang is playing a series of away-games at schools around the province.
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 9-13
    Reading level: Grade 5
    Lexile Reading Level: 870L
  • Just for Kicks

    A friendly soccer match becomes serious -- and less fun -- when adults get involved. It's up to the kids to reclaim the spirit of the sport.
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 9-13
    Reading level: Grade 4
    Lexile Reading Level: 790L
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