My Best Friend Is a Viral Dancing Zombie

by Karin Adams

Riley and his best friend Finn know their zombie movie has what it takes to win the class film competition, at least until their desire for fame threatens their friendship.
Riley and his best friend Finn know their zombie movie has what it takes to win the class film competition. But Riley's plan to get their video some attention at a hockey game is ruined when the camera focuses on Finn as a dancing hockey fan instead. With Finn refusing to promote their movie and wanting to go viral on his own, the boys stop collaborating and start competing — for fame, friendship and their classmate Jasmine. Can Riley save his own movie from this zombie apocalypse and resurrect his friendship with Finn? Fun doodle art throughout adds to the fun and keeps interest high.

About the Author

Karin Adams

Karin Adams
KARIN ADAMS is the author of Lights! Curtains! Cows! (Lorimer, 2009) and No TV? No Fair! (Lorimer Streetlights, 2010). She shares her passion for creative writing with young people through Manitoba's Artists in the Schools program and in her popular library workshops. Karin has also worked as an instructor at the University of Winnipeg. She lives in East St. Paul, Manitoba.


"This unexpectedly fun book has enough zombie action and funny screenplays to keep readers hooked."
Alice Albarda,, Resource Links
"Full of school-age humour...My Best Friend is a Viral Dancing Zombie is at its best in its excerpts from Riley's storyboards that punctuate his struggle to get his action movie and his friendship with Finn back on track."
Todd Kyle,, CM Magazine
"Karin Adams has created another winning story… Anyone who has ever tried to complete a group project knows how hard it can be to get everyone working together and giving their best effort. Add the pressure of competition for a class award, jealousy over attention from a cute girl, and other frustrations - and you have a situation ready to careen out of control... There is plenty of humor and very realistic scenes of school life, with classmates trying to ingratiate themselves with the viral dance star, issues over files on shared computers, body spray, and teasing about boyfriends and girlfriends."
Suzanne Costner, Librarian, Netgalley Reviewer

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