Not Not Normal

by Peter E. Fenton

It can be hard to see in ourselves the good things others see in us. Not Not Normal shows readers that if we let our friends in, the love they have for us can help us grow our self-confidence.

Jordan and Nathan couldn’t be more different, but when order and chaos collide, opposites attract. Jordan is a bit of an oddball at school. He likes rules, routine, old sci-fi novels, and is often the victim of his bully’s torment. When new student Nathan joins the school, he wears down Jordan’s walls and, with his love, empowers Jordan to stand up for himself.

Nathan’s parents are going through divorce, and at a new school in a new city Jordan provides him with the stability he can’t find at home. Through their friendship and eventually their romance, Jordan embraces his newfound self-confidence and proclaims his love for Nathan in front of the school. Each is just what the other needs.

Not Not Normal shows readers that sometimes the qualities we need most can be found in and learned from the friends around us. We just need to let them in. Embracing your differences and facing the unknown can be scary, but with true friends and support, you can handle just about anything.

About the Author

PETER E. FENTON writes LGBTQ2S+ romance and mystery novels that are proudly set in Canada, including The Woodcarver's Model and the Declan Hunt Mysteries series. Peter is also a playwright, with professional stagings produced around Canada and the United States. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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