L.D. Cross is an Ottawa writer and member of the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC). Her business and lifestyle articles have appeared in publications such as Home Business Report, Modern Woman, WeddingBells, Fifty-Five Plus, enRoute, Aviation History, and Legion Magazine. She has won awards of excellence for features and for editorial and technical writing in the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Ottawa EXCEL competitions. Cross is also co-author of Inside Outside: In Conversation with a Doctor and a Clothing Designer, which is about achieving a lifetime of feeling good and looking good.

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  • The Underground Railroad

    The greatest escape story of North America is the tale of the secret route from slavery in the U.S. to freedom in Canada.
    $16.95, paperback
  • The Quest for the Northwest Passage

    Centuries of exploration, discovery and conflict over the prized elusive route through Canada's Arctic waters are examined in this book.

    $9.95, paperback
    Interest ages: 11-18
  • Spies in Our Midst

    Igor Gouzenko was a former clerk in the Soviet embassy in Ottawa who defected to the West in 1945. At first, no one believed his stories. The evidence eventually led to the arrest of a large Soviet spy ring in Canada, and sent Gouzenko into hiding for the rest of his life. His revelations reverberated throughout the world & ignited the Cold War.

    $9.95, paperback
  • Ottawa Titans

    In its early days as Bytown, Ottawa was a community of entrepreneurs. Through the stories of 8 intriguing businessmen the development of the country's capital is revealed. These capital titans, in working toward their dreams, flavoured the region - and the country - with their strong personalities and opinions. Their legacy continues today.

    $9.95, paperback
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