Canada vs California

How Ottawa took on the streaming and digital giants over streaming, podcasting and broadcasting

by Howard Law

Canada vs California provides a road map of the tense battle between Canadian content and California's billion dollar businesses that threaten to drown it out.

Howard Law’s Canada vs. California maps the ongoing battle to create and promote Canadian content in the media and the digital revolution that has made it increasingly less visible.

An avid advocate for Canadian content, Howard Law has spent years reporting on, and fighting for Canadian media and the journalists who create it. As a former senior official for Unifor, and with his website, Howard Law offers expert guidance on the constantly shifting battlefield between Canadian content and Meta, Google, Netflix, Amazon and other Silicon Valley giants that threaten to overwhelm us.

Canada vs. California explains how creative Canadian content may not survive the dominance of the American cultural juggernaut without new and effective interventions by the Canadian state.

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