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  • One Woman's War

    A gripping story of a courageous, lively journalist who witnessed World War Two with the French Resistance.
    $24.95, paperback
  • The Invasion of Canada

    This popular history of the War of 1812 is generously illustrated with archival images as well as with colour photography taken at historical sites fromthe war.
    $19.95, paperback
  • Robert Latimer

    An unflinching look at Canada's most prominent case of "mercy killing."
    $29.95, hardcover
  • Immodest and Sensational

    Unusual and inspiring stories of Canada's women athletes from earliest advocates to today's champions.

    $19.95, paperback
  • Joseph Brant and His World

    A fascinating and beautifully illustrated new biography reflecting recent research into the life of the influential Mohawk leader.

    $19.95, paperback
  • Joyce Wieland: Artist on Fire

    Bursting with anecdotes and generously illustrated with personal photographs as well as colour reproductions of Joyce's art, Joyce Wieland: Artist on Fire is an engaging, entertaining biography.

    $45.00, hardcover
  • Medicare

    Editors Bruce Campbell and Greg Marchildon have gathered 34 contributors who offer a wide-ranging, authoritative portrait of medicare in Canada today.
    $29.95, paperback
  • Dundurn Castle

    A photographic journey through Dundurn Castle, one of Hamilton's foremost historical attractions.

    $19.95, paperback
  • Great Forests and Mighty Men

    A colourful and fascinating story of the men who worked in eastern Canada's early forest industry with many colour and black and white illustrations and photographs from leading historic sites in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, this book is a very human history of almost legendary figures.
    $24.95, paperback
  • A Spy's Wife

    A lively, readable, and informative account of life in Moscow by the wife of a Canadian military attaché who witnessed the last days of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.
    $24.95, paperback
  • Hearth and Home

    Hearth and Home is a social history that evokes the sights, smells, and tastes of historic kitchens and tells the story of the women who tended the fire to nourish their families or feed a hungry fortful.
    $19.95, paperback
  • 100 Fascinating Londoners

    These brief biographies reflect a century and a half of London's history and reflect key events and fascinating adventures drawn from the lives of people from all walks of life who made a lasting impression on their hometown.

    $24.95, paperback
  • Hamilton's Hockey Tigers

    Hamilton's Hockey Tigers is the colourful story of the only NHL team ever to go on strike. The game of hockey in Hamilton -- and the NHL -- was forever changed.

    $24.95, paperback
  • Dad's War

    Dad's War is an exceptionally written view of the air war over Europe, told from a unique perspective. It goes a long way toward explaining why so many Second World War veterans have been reluctant to talk about this period in their lives.

    $34.95, hardcover
  • Risk Takers & Innovators

    Harnessing their creativity the tenacious individuals featured in these stories have realized their dreams &, in many cases, developed their innovation into a viable business venture. From the first glimmer of an idea to the fruition of the invention, these Canadian discoveries are an inspiration to aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs everywhere.

    $9.95, paperback
  • Paul Martin: CEO for Canada?

    This book is an in-depth look at the life of Paul Martin, successful CEO and energetic politician. Murray Dobbin's well-researched, contrarian interpretation of Paul Martin is sure to attract a lot of reader interest.
    $24.95, paperback
  • The First Casualty

    This groundbreaking book presents an inside look at the abuse of women within military communities.

    $24.95, paperback
  • Labrador Doctor

    In Labrador Doctor Tony Paddon tells the story of his remarkable life, with all its extraordinary variety, drama and excitement.
    $24.95, paperback
  • The Olivieri Report

    This book is the report of an independent inquiry into the case of Dr. Nancy Olivieri, conducted by three widely respected academics and commissioned by the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

    $29.95, paperback
  • No Life Like It

    This book is a compelling case study in gendered division of labour. It is also a feminist account of how women's work is organized and controlled by a powerful social institution.

    $19.95, paperback
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