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  • Our Lives: Canada after 1945

    The people, forces, and events that have shaped post-war Canada
    $29.95, paperback
  • The Underground Railroad

    The greatest escape story of North America is the tale of the secret route from slavery in the U.S. to freedom in Canada.
    $16.95, paperback
  • Fighting for Women's Rights

    From her time growing up in India and the Royal Court of Siam, Anna developed an independent nature that she brought with her to North America. As a well-known author, Anna toured America landing in Halifax where she single-handedly created an art school for girls - later to become the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. This is her story.

    $9.95, paperback
  • The Olivieri Report

    This book is the report of an independent inquiry into the case of Dr. Nancy Olivieri, conducted by three widely respected academics and commissioned by the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

    $29.95, paperback
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