White Privilege Deal With It

Deal with it in all fairness

by Catherine Inglis

illustrated by Wang Xulin

A reader-directed exploration of white privilege and the legacy of racism in society and media.

Have you ever wondered why it seems harder for you to get ahead than your white friends? Or do you wonder what all the fuss is about race? Then this book is for you.

White privilege is the unearned benefit that white people have because of the colour of their skin. It can be hard to see and difficult to talk about, but it is real. This book helps readers identify white privilege and start a conversation about how to deal with it.

  • White Privilege 101 defines the issue and provides examples on how to identify it
  • The roles of the Privileged, the Racialized, and the Witness approach the issue from three different points of view
  • Quizzes and Q&As provide real-life scenarios and responses to white privilege


In White Privilege, educator Catherine Inglis tackles the difficult topic of white privilege in a gripping and easy to understand way.

The Canadian Children's Book Centre, Best Books for Kids and Teens

"Ultimately, this is a timely book on a topic that young people need to learn about. Few resources and opportunities for explicit teaching on white privilege exist for this age group, so this book should be a welcome addition to every school library."

Mark David Smith, YA Dude Books

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