by Lori Weber

Kat dreads her sister's returning home. Kat starts to shoplift and as her sister's return approaches, the shoplifting escalates into a full-blown addiction.

It seems like Kat's parents have done little but prepare for her sister Hannah's return since she was sent away to a home for troubled teens. Everyone is determined to find out what went wrong with Hannah and make things right again -- everyone except Kat, that is.
Kat dreads going back to a life dominated by her sister's tantrums and rule-breaking. The only place she feels in control these days is at the mall, where everything she wants is at her fingertips and no one is better at the art of stealing. As the time of Hannah's return approaches, Kat's shoplifting escalates into a full-blown addiction. Klepto is a powerful story from a talented new writer for teens.

About the Author

Lori Weber

Lori Weber
LORI WEBER has published poetry, short stories, and essays in several Canadian literary journals and collections. She has also writtern several YA novels. She lives in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. www.lori-weber.com(more)


"The story is not presented in a didactic manner and teens will enjoy this quick read on a topic that can have serious consequences."
School Library Journal
"... powerful, voyeuristic, vicarious pleasure."
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"Weber's first novel honestly conveys the anguish over parental neglect ... Kat's tale addresses important issues in a tone which respects teens and their issues."
ALAN Review


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