Dead to Me

by Cristy Watson

Ever since Logan found out that his uncle was involved in his dad's death, he's been full of resentment — until he gets in trouble with the law and realizes he needs to face up to his anger.
Ever since Logan found out that his uncle was involved in the accident that killed Logan's dad, he's been full of resentment. He cuts his uncle out of his life and finds that being reckless is the only way to feel anything. Looking for a place to drink, underaged and undisturbed, Logan and his friends break into a house they think is abandoned. What they find there gets them into trouble with the law and causes Logan's girlfriend to break up with him. But it also makes Logan face up to his anger and his need to forgive and be forgiven.

About the Author

CRISTY WATSON is passionate about teaching and writing. She loves living near the beach in White Rock, B.C., where she hosts an open mic at her local coffee shop. She is the award-winning author of four other novels -- Benched, Living Rough, On Cue, and the recently-published Lorimer title Cutter Boy.


"Overall, Dead To Me is one that reluctant tween or teen readers will be able to read with interest and with ease."
Karyn Miehl,, CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials
"Author Cristy Watson has a good sense of edgy situations... Her crisis situation where four teenagers discover the seriously decayed body of a lonely old man is really quite compelling... this is a believable story and her characters are very real."
Resource Links Reviews, Volume 22, Number 4
"I'd recommend this book to people who keep grudges, because this is a great example of just letting go!"
Rizzie Star,, Netgalley Reviewer

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